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Emergency Preparedness

Get a Kit: Part of planning for an emergency is to have a kit available if you need to leave your home or shelter in place. If you have a disability you may need medical supplies or other equipment. The CMIST Planning Outline may be helpful in thinking through the supply needs as well as other planning aspects.

Make a Plan: During an emergency is not the time to identify planning needs. Make a plan to protect you and your family. ADHP along with the help of Arkansas People First developed the Arkansas Emergency Preparedness Calendar & Guide to help teach people with developmental disabilities effective planning and response to various emergency's that occur in our state.

emergency preparedness Supply List

Be Informed: All citizens are encouraged to participate in their county's Local Emergency Planning Council. To get more information about your Local Emergency Planning Council, contact your county Emergency Manager or go to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management website. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management offers classes for community members to assist in planning and responding to local disaster Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

We offer 2 trainings in the area of emergency preparedness:

For Disability Providers: Overview of Emergency Management for Disability Organizations.

For First Responders: Communicating During the Disaster: A Functional Needs Approach. This training looks at the difficulties and how to overcome them when communicating with someone who has a disability during an emergency.

If you are interested in hosting either of these trainings in your community, contact Roberta Sick.

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