Frequently Asked Questions

What types of disabilities are included in Partners’ programs?

We specialize in developmental disabilities; however, our projects address other types of disabilities and health conditions as well as preventive health and wellness programs. We support people of all ages and promote understanding and inclusion of marginalized groups in communities.

Does Partners work with other agencies and community groups?

Most definitely! Through collaboration with other organizations, we assist in developing projects from inception to delivery. Partners is able to develop programs that truly meet the needs of individuals and their families at the community level. Partners also assists other organizations in evaluating their programs and services.

What geographical areas does Partners serve?

Many of our projects are administered within the state of Arkansas, with some covering only specific areas. Other projects serve multiple states. Contact Partners to find out if a specific project is active in your area. Contact persons are listed following each project summary within this site.

Where does Partners get ideas for new programs or training topics?

Our most important ideas for new programs come from individuals with disabilities and their families. Project ideas also evolve from our Community Advisory Committee, staff members and other individuals and groups. These groups share our values and are interested in providing quality support for people with disabilities. Please contact us for additional information.