Further Details: Southwest ADA Center Regional Affiliate – Arkansas

Arkansas ADA Leadership Consortium


The purpose of the ADA Leadership Consortium is to develop support and sustain knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act in Arkansas.


Soon after the ADA was passed in 1990, advocates in Arkansas formed an initiative that became known as the Arkansas ADA Roundtable. This consisted of interested individuals and representatives from organizations, agencies, businesses, and government entities from around the state who put a long-range plan in place to educate Arkansans through the provision of training and technical assistance. Members attended training, conducted training and brought in nationally known advocates with specialized knowledge. This effort persisted for many years but as a result of advocates moving out of state, changing positions within agencies, and retiring, the state has lost many of these well-trained advocates. In a recent needs assessment which included disability advocates from across the state, improving access was identified as a priority.

Establishment of the ADA Access Leadership Consortium

The project staff of the Arkansas Affiliate of the Southwest ADA Center recognizes a need to tap into emerging expertise in order to advance disability access and the ADA in Arkansas. We hope to create opportunities for emerging leaders to become more fluent in the law and in strategies for providing access and to lead a coordinated effort that includes long-range planning that addresses the knowledge and access gaps that exist in Arkansas.

Current ADA Leadership Consortium Members

  • Erin Gildner
  • Ebony Kelly
  • Julie Petty
  • Jeff Prail
  • Ann Price
  • Rebecca Ried
  • Vanessa Smith
  • Michael Thornton
  • Connie Wordlaw


  • Roberta Sick
  • Melanie Thornton