Additional Collaborations

Arkansas Can Do Inc.

The Arkansas Can Do goup is a collaboration of individuals with disabilities, family members and professionals whose purpose is to increase the positive perceptions of all people regarding the vitality, importance and value of persons with disabilities.

Brenda Reynolds

Arkansas Homeless Coalition

Since many of the people who are homeless are people with disabilities, Partners joined with Arkansas Supportive Housing Network (ASHN) to organize Arkansas Homeless Coalition (AHC). ASHN is an organization dedicated to providing housing for people with disabilities who are homeless. The Arkansas Homeless Coalition is a dynamic organization whose membership includes homeless advocates, service providers, faith-based communities, homeless and formerly homeless persons, academics and many others. These individuals are committed to identifying and addressing policy barriers and issues that prevent movement and that trap men, women, and children in the cycle of homelessness. AHC is a collaborative effort of the individuals and agencies who address the challenges of homelessness in the state. AHC strives to prevent homelessness as well as increase the ability of the community to respond to individual needs.

David Deere, M.S.W., M.Th.

Faith-based Initiative

The Faith-based Initiative is an un-funded project that responds to families who expressed an inability to participate in worship and other ministries of their faith due to having a family member with a disability. This project invites interested parties including families, local houses of worship, and state associations to come together to identify places where best practice of including individuals with disabilities in ministry occurs. The project seeks out examples of inclusion within existing programs, as well as outreach ministries to individuals and families in the community.

David Deere, M.S.W., M.Th.