Arkansas' University Center on Disabilities

Partners for Inclusive Communities (Partners) is Arkansas’ University Center on Disabilities. Administratively located within the University of Arkansas College of Education and Health Professions. Partners is a member of the nationwide Association of University Centers on Disabilities – AUCD.


Partners’ Mission is inclusion of people with disabilities in community life.

Definition of Inclusion: When everyone is valued and involved in society and community living.

Partners Provides:

  • Advocacy
  • Information Sharing
  • Practical Support
  • Research
  • Training

Our Beliefs and Values

Disability is a natural part of the human experience that in no way takes away a person’s right to fully participate in all aspects of society. Opportunities to take part in society on an equal level with others should be available without social and environmental barriers.

This includes the right to:

  • be treated with respect,
  • exert control and choice over our own lives,
  • live where and with whom we choose,
  • develop friendships and relationships,
  • live free of violence and other forms of abuse,
  • pursue gainful employment,
  • receive supports that strengthen families,
  • receive quality education in inclusive settings,
  • participate in and contribute to our communities, and
  • pursue our own dreams.