ADHP has two separate health education curricula that we support. Through the Independent Living Centers around the state, Living Well with a Disability is offered and we are collaborating with Arkansas People First, an advocacy organization made up of individuals with developmental disabilities, to facilitate Healthy Lifestyles.

  1. Living Well with a Disability is an 8 week workshop using goal setting and problem solving as the framework for managing and preventing secondary conditions such as urinary tract infections, depression, high blood pressure, and pressure sores just to name a few . Sessions include developing tools and skills for healthy living, healthy reactions, communication, managing depression, how to find out information, physical activity, nutrition, and advocacy. This curriculum was developed by Montana’s Disability and Health Program.
  2. Healthy Lifestyles is a health education curriculum specifically for individuals with developmental disabilities. It consists of 12 ½ hours of training that can be broken up to fit the needs of the group. Topics include: What is a healthy lifestyle?, Knowing who you are, Knowing what you need (physical activity, emotional health, healthy eating, social health, and health through meaningful activities) and Making it happen (identifying your dreams and creating a plan to get you to your goal).

Contact Vanessa Smith to learn more about hosting a class in your area.

Available Health Resources for Disability Providers:
The following publications are available for library check out. Contact Vanessa Smith to check out any of the items below:

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions: Self Management of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and others by Kate Lorig, David Sobel, Virginia Gonzales, and Marian Minor. Primarily targets individuals with physical disabilities.

Taking Care of Myself A healthy hygiene, puberty, and personal curriculum for young people with Autism by Mary Wrobel. Primarily social stories and activities.

Attainment’s Health, Growth & Development Learning about life with symbols and words by Laura Breault. Picture book made from Boardmaker.

Health Units for Non-readers Short picture symbol stories and activities by Joy Cole, Pamela LePage, and Lana McFarlane.

Yoga for Small Spaces Standing, Sitting, & Chair Yoga for Offices, Schools, and Planes by Christine Ristuccia, and Lynn Geddes. Picture cards of various poses for small spaces and how to implement.